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A Holistic Approach to Achieving Facial Harmony, Not Just a "Spot Treatment"
Facial Anatomy is a complex, interconnected system that can unfortunately change drastically as we age, resulting in an overall look of "tiredness" where we've lost the harmony our face once had. At MD Esthetics in Windham, NH we've developed a signature process to identify exactly which areas of the face have shifted allowing us to address the root causes of the overall problem. By addressing these specific changes, we're able to perfectly balance the facial anatomy without leaving patients feeling "fake" or "overdone" like so many other medical spas unfortunately do.
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How Does Full Face Optimization Work?

Full Face Optimization at MD Esthetics all stems from one thing:
The Golden Ratio

The “Golden Ratio” is a ratio of 1 : 1.618 and there’s strong evidence in art, architecture, and medicine that’s demonstrated that our brains are hardwired to find this ratio beautiful. 

Now how does this ratio come into play with Full Face Optimization?

Many different areas of our face relate to one another according to this ration. For instance, the distance between your eyes, and the length of your mouth fall into the ratio of 1 : 1.618. As we age, many of these distances change slightly, pushing us AWAY from the golden ratio. However, one distance never changes (the distance between our eyes) and because of that, we can use it as our guideline. With that guideline, we're able to determine what everything else SHOULD be, by following the limitations of the golden ratio.

These calipers allow us to measure and apply the golden ratio to our patients at MD Esthetics. The distance between both sides always falls within the 1 : 1.618 ratio

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Why We Developed Our Signature Process

Most new patients come into MD Esthetics saying, “I feel like my face is sagging and that I’ve aged overnight.” They also say, “my friends are always telling me I look tired.” 

Their primary objective is to look “refreshed” and “natural”.

However, they’re apprehensive to be treated because they don’t want to look fake or overdone. This is usually because they’ve had bad experiences in the past at other practices or see people walking around that look fake.

With all of that in mind, we developed this process to stay WITHIN the boundaries of each patient's personal golden ratio, making sure they never look overdone and instead look exactly as they were born to look! Through the use of dermal fillers and neurotoxin, we can help you erase years worth of aging.

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Facial Optimization Q & A

Why choose facial optimization vs just having one area treated (ie: nasolabial folds)?

Full face optimization addresses the problem, not just the symptom and keeps the face in harmony.  

For Example, most patients complain about the lines around their mouth or upper lip (Nasolabial folds and Marionette lines) and their jowls. 

Unfortunately most providers would inject to treat those areas and not address the underlying issue causing those symptoms.  In these cases, many times those lines are due to loss of volume in their cheeks, jawline or temple region. Facial optimization is all about measuring out specific areas in the face to determine where that loss is so we can address it and put patients back in balance resulting in improvement of their initial concerns as well as a more youthful rested appearance.

Is it painful and will I be able to resume normal activities?

The procedure is performed in the office, without the use of general anesthesia. We first inject local anesthesia with small needles to specific areas of the face. Patients are fully awake during the entire procedure. The entire process takes about 20-45 minutes to complete and results can be seen immediately after the procedure.

Since this is such a minimally invasive method, there is minimal to no downtime involved.  Typically there will be mild swelling and bruising, which can be covered up with tinted moisturizer, sunscreen, or make up. Most patients are able to return to work that day or go out and resume their daily activities immediately after the procedure.

How long does it last?

Results typically last 18-24 months. However, we believe it’s best not to let your refreshed face return to how it was after 24 months and instead, return after 9-12 months for a touch up. Additionally, receive a touch up every 9-12 months to maintain your results.

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