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Dermal Fillers such as Juvederm(R) and Restylane(R) provide our patients with an effective, non-surgical treatments that corrects problems as sagging skin, flattened facial contours, wrinkles, lines, creases, folds, and thin lips caused by the aging process. Dermal fillers come in a variety of formulas that target specific problems and temporarily restore youthful appearance for periods up to two years. 

Dermal Fillers Q&A 

How Should I Prepare for my Dermal Filler Appointment?

Little to no preparation is required before your injectable filler treatment. We advise patients to limit alcohol intake for 24 hours prior, and medications 7-10 days in advance of treatment. Particularly any medications that affect blood clotting, such as aspirin, NSAIDs or blood thinners as they increase the likelihood of bruising. Also, please inform your provider as to whether you are taking medicines that affect your immune system, or if you are experiencing any type of skin reaction or irritation such as cold sores, cysts, pimples, rashes, hives, or an infection. We may recommend delaying treatment until any reaction or irritation has passed.

How Are Injectable Fillers Administered? 

Dr Pedro and his team of highly trained medical staff will provide you the option of applying a topical anesthesia to minimize any discomfort during your injectable filler treatment. Your provider will carefully inject the dermal filler into the areas of your face where treatment is warranted. A very thin fine-gauge needle or blunt cannula is used to inject the fillers, and some patients report a stinging sensation during insertion and slight possible discomfort afterward, but you will be free to continue your day’s activities immediately following treatment.  As with any type of injection, bruising and swelling are possible. 

How Many Syringes Will I Need?

As with every treatment we offer, your treatment plan is fully unique to your needs and goals.  Factors such as age, existing facial volume, anatomy and personal aesthetic goals will all factor into how many syringes you will need to achieve your goal.  Our practice prefers to treat conservatively and build over time when possible. 

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